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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 24, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> thanks, amy. firefighters in san bruno are mopping up after severe damage to a restaurant on san mateo avenue. the fire shot from the roof of the building. no injuries were reported. >> now a look at our forecast for the weekend. mike? >> we will get u -- you updated. the areas in red are a high fire danger until 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. the big surf is coming through 9:00 today during the evening, we are around nine to ten miles per hour off bodega bay and san francisco. the forecast this afternoon will be partly cloudy and more cloud cover than early this week. temperatures are mostly in the mid-to-upper 60's and low-to-mid 60's at the coast.
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>> new questions in the shooting death of a bart police officer involving the cameras some wear. according to the "san francisco chronicle" the shooting was not captured by the officer's body cameras because they were not wearing them or they were not turned on. three officers were detectives and do not usually wear the cameras including sergeant tom smith would was shot and michael maes who is identified as the shooter while searching for stolen property in dublin on tuesday. yesterday, the chief rainey confirmed two officers were wearing cameras but did not know if they were recording. >> an autopsy confirms sergeant smith was killed by one bull health to -- bullet proof chest. officials have not revealed whether 50-year-old maes fired by mistake or mistyke him for someone else while searching an
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apartment. michael maes worked with smith on the oscar grant case. his attorney, his client is grieving and his heart goes to the submit family. >> a viewing for sergeant smith is on tuesday night at chapel of the chimes in hair at 7:00. the funeral will take place at 10:00 a.m. on wednesday at neighborhood church or three crosses church in castro valley. bart has a memorial fund set up to benefit the family at the wells fargo in san ramon and we have the address and account number posted at our website. hercules police are asking for the public's help to find a man who hit a 70-year-old man crossing the street. the driver took off but it was captured on camera. >> this is video from a bus that captured a 70-year-old man walking in the crosswalk before being hit by a dollar colored
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s.u.v. that stopped and moves forward knocking him out of the frame. what happens next shocked police. >> the driver got out, looked at the victim and a when passing said, is he okay and the driver says he is breathing, the driver get back in his vehicle, backed up, drove around the victim and drove away. >> this happened on friday at 6:30 in the morning at the bart bus lost the. >> the suspect driver is described as caucasian male in his 40's around 6' 2" and 220 pounds and balding. the passengers say the crosswalk near the highway ramp can be dangerous. >> occasionally we get cars that do not stop. they get off the freeway and they keep going. they honk at the people crossing. >> the elderly man suffered a serious head injury and memory loss so he has not been able to "the s.u.v. and police are
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hoping other witnesses with more information can help them track down the hit-and-run driver. breaking news: egypt's capital is in turmoil rocked by bombings that have killed five people. a car bomb targeting police headquarters in the heart of cairo killed four people and injured scores of others. a recently renovated art hue seem was badly damaged. authorities say another person died and eight others were wounded in a blast targeting police vehicles near a metro station. a third blast targeting a police station did not cause casualties. >> a new report accuses caltran of trying to silence safety credit is of the new span of the bay bridge. they say they disregarded warnings that a chinese company
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was turning out material that was cracked and they did not want this information in writing. caltran disputes the allegations. the state senate transportation hearing is underway at capital this morning at 9:00. >> at the center of the advance placing fiasco gets help to prevent future students from face the same. 300 students who attended millbrae school had their tests invalidated by the check board last year because the school did not follow proper tote call. today, the peninsula state senator jerry hill will introduce new bills to require immediate retesting, seating charts and let colleges decide whether to count the scores. >> california could be following the lead of bay area communities in banning plastic bags. key lawmakers reached the deal that could noon a statewide ban by 2016. the agreement includes $2 million for listens and grantses
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to help companies that make plastic shopping bags, retrain their workers and convert factories to make reusable bags. the ban applies to super markets and pharmacies and liquor stores. >> the first heat of the surf competition is 3 1/2 hours away and surfers were relaxed and ready to go. today they will face waves up to 50' high. organizers urge the finances to watch the action with beaches and the cliffs off limits starting at 6:00 this morning and the coast guard will be checking for life jackets and safe equipment on every boat that goes out. we will stream the mavericks live starting at 8:00 a.m. at right there on the home page. not to be missed. mike nicco, tell us about big waves. >> they are not reaching the peak around monterey and san
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francisco, and 9' to 10' but missing our reporting areas. we could get breakers over 20'. would love to see that. this is until 9:00 this evening. for the rest of us, dangerous sneaker waves and obviously huge breakers and dangerous rip current. the day planner today, 30's and 40's and a few high clouds, especially coming in from the south where the clouds are increasing and coming from the south during the noon hour and low 60's and in the low-to-upper 60's at 4:00 with fire threat tapering and mild during the evening activities and low-to-mid 50's. moving forward through the weekend into next week, very steady pattern with brighter and calmer conditions and low 70's inland and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast. >> quick look at traffic right now, no major problems to report an the bay area early on this friday morning with a smooth
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drive. there is caltran construction work this morning eastbound 24 from highway 13 through the second bore of the caldecott tunnel with two left lanes closed until 6:00 this morning. taking a look at the golden gate bridge we can see very light traffic, almost no traffic, on this friday morning, and trouble spots for you and we will bring that to you if we find them. >> north of the golden gate bridge in san rafael there is now an issue on francisco boulevard where a fire in a marsh can be seen from the freeway at 101 so be aware. >> next, the plan to turn home surveillance cameras into eyes for police but not everyone wants big brothers on the street. >> a criminal investigation of bridge-gate is being stepped up with potential trouble for new jersey governor, chris christie. >> massive pileup in the midwest
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and so many trucks and cars turned a
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covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on friday at 4:41. looking at embarcadero, some of the downtown buildings, another lovely spring-like day in store for us. watch out for the big waves along the coast. mavericks surfing competition is on along the san mateo county coast. >> new proposal gives police quick access to private surveillance cameras. >> eric would gladly volunteer to have him home security cameras registered in the san jose police department database. >> it is a great idea. there have been a couple of
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instances i had to provide film to the police. >> the city councilman is behind the proposal. >> the benefit of this process is to give police a ready phone number and identity of a person to contact when they need this evidence as we saw with the recent arson attacks. >> that was an investigation he helped with, his surveillance system caught video of the suspect walking bily home several times. >> it was nice to be able to help them and be a good citizen. >> kristen is skeptical. >> i am not sure this is not a problem we are specifically trying to solve so we are just trying to gear all this data and look for something. >> she says this is not about government surveillance. >> each individual time the police want to so a video they is to ask for permission so they would not get anymore access.
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>> the hesitation is the random person walking by they don't get that person's permission to on can a so it is delicate to find out the balance. >> the proposal is considered publicly for the first time next week. >> governor brown is asking a federal panel for more time to solve the prison overcrowding problem and the judges have found california in violation of prisoners' constitutional rights and wants 7,000 inmates released to improve health and safety in prisons. the governor says the state needs two more years to comply. he points out california has released 30,000 inmates. >> the 19-year-old marin county man attempted of attempting to kill a romantic rival and stealing the lamborghini of a celebrity chef could spend life behind bars and did not react when a judge sentenced him to life in prison with the possibility of parole. he broke into a san francisco auto repair shot in 2011 and stole the vehicle owned by guy
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fieri, and a year later he attempted to murder the boyfriend of a gill he liked much the judge called him a cold blooded would be killer and will not be eligible for parole until he serves 18 years the lawyers plan an appeal. >> the clock is ticking for new jersey governor, chris christie and the team. the federal prosecutions have given them two weeks to turn over documents and the united states attorney issued subpoenas to christie's re-election campaign and the republican committee yesterday. investigators want documents related to the plane closures that created four days gridlock near the george washington bridge allegedly to retaliate against the democratic mayor who did not endorse christie. >> in indiana a highway is still closed after a massive pileup that left three people dead and 20 injured. the state police say the crash was caused by white out conditions yesterday afternoon and 19 semis and 27 cars and
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pickups were involved in the pile young on interstate 9460 miles out of chicago with vehicles caught behind the crash were trapped for more than five years in ten degree temperatures. crews are still working to clear the wreckage. >> we are looking at the storms and you can see the sunshine here. >> the opposite here. right now, everything is quiet with the clipper system that has moved through and another shot of snow moving through minneapolis and headed to, say, green bay, milwaukee and chicago but mostly it is quieter over the upper midwest and into the great lakes region than this time yesterday. at him, you can see there are low clouds along the coast and we have more moisture and more pollution in the air this morning so our visibility is down. you can see it on the camera
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but, first, temperatures: 31 in petaluma is the freezing spot. a lost mid-to-upper 40's around american canyon and san rafael and mill valley. mid-to-upper 30's around santa rosa and bodega is warmest at 53. 51 in san francisco. he 40's around san ramon and lafayette and newark and san jose. cupertino is 39. mid-to-upper 40's around redwood city and alameda and half moon bay. you can see it looks hazy. we cannot see the east bay hills from the sutro tower camera because of the moisture and pollution. we have clouds that will roll in from the south today which will bring us partly cloudy day. it will be breezy so we have high fire danger and rough surf and warmer, brighter, calmer and dry all weekend. >> the temperature is around 70 in morgan hill and fairfield and napa. everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 60's.
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a few spots along the coast could be in the low 60's but mid-60's dominate half moon bay and santa cruz. tonight is cooler because of the resolution wind but, still, clouds around so low-to-upper 40's to palo alto. about 48 in san francisco. there is an area of high pressure in the lower levels of the atmosphere and the upper parts of the atmosphere to our north and in between that area of low pressure coming through today, that will bring us the possibility of the high fire danger keeping our winds up and it will draw not clouds from the south spinning counter-clockwise over the ocean. the 10 day outlook, there are some hints but the same model hinted there could be a pattern change in a couple of weeks but we still have the chance the pattern could change the first week in february and we could see a series of storms. i have my fingers crossed.
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here the seven-day forecast: in the mid-to-upper 60's all seven days at the coast. low 70's this week through monday and low-to-mid 70's next week and maybe record highs, tuesday and wednesday. kristen and eric? >> thank you, mike, a quick check on traffic if the commute takes you across the richmond and san rafael bridge there is a marsh fire on the north side of 580 on the san rafael side it is not affecting traffic but it is a potential trouble spot as people slow down to take a look. keep that in mind. >> the attorney general unveil as major shift in united states marijuana policy coming up, the financial power legitimate pot growers have. >> good news for a puppy who was dyed pink and abandoned with a broken leg. >> mixed messa
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[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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>> good morning on friday at 4:50. this is traffic on the san mateo bridge with tail lights headed westbound and all is fine on that bridge. westbound on bay bridge to treasure island, two left lanes are closed for construction. >> a boat sitting off sunk unis stuck in bureaucratic limbo. it is unknown who last it there. the job of salvaging the vessel falls to the owner but the serial number is subemergency so officials can not determine who is responsible. so far no agency is claiming responsibility for removing it. >> today is the birthday of one of the last two survivors of the great earthquake of 1906. bill towns 108 today. san francisco fire chief will have lunch with he at his home
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with the meal catered by john's grill and he will give an oral history for the earthquake remembrance on april 18. for the first time, last april, no survivor attended the annual observance of the earthquake. >> we have good news, the search for a home for an injured puppy has been overpeople withing success. this two-month-old puppy was found dyed pink, abandoned with a broken leg in east palo alto. after her story aired on abc7 news yesterday, the peninsula spca received 100 calls offering to give the chihuahua a foster home. now the facility has now found a home for the puppy but says there are still 30 others waiting for adoption. hopefully they will all fine good hopes. >> go day to take the dog for a walk land the beach. >> maybe careful there because of the sneaker waves but the weather will be warm.
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you can see the clouds from the south and from medicine for, organize organize, along the covered we have high fire danger and the shoreline with a high fire danger on the western slope of the sierra to show you how dry it is. a disturbance on the side, with low-to-mid 70's to the south and possibly 77 if los angeles. mid-70's through the central valley, and 65 in monterey and 50 in tahoe. here is the seven-day forecast for lake tahoe, goose eggs again on the snow totals. temperatures are closer to average today and supposed to be 43 and it will be 50. we will see the temperatures climb to 52 on saturday, vison sunday, pull back then, but 58 on tuesday and wednesday and record highs are possible like here on tuesday and wednesday. safe travels. kristen and eric? >> we want to let you know the
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big traffic issue is in marin county. this is because drivers on 580 westbound can see the marsh fire. it is burning on the north side of the 580 freeway at francisco boulevard. the fire is, of course, not on the freeway and you can see it is on the marsh of the road that parallels 580. you can tweet the figures to me at abc7 news bay area. the drive times show 580 from tracy to dublin it days 24 minutes and antioch to concord, 14 minutes and 101 from san rafael to san francisco is 8 minutes, all in the green and no big problems. >> before we hurricane at 680, traffic through walnut creek is just fine. pope francis says the internet is a gift from god but admitted it is not perfect. the pope regularly tweets and posts selfies but he also
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believes the web can physically isolate people and says the digital world must be a network of human beings, not wires. the justice department has new regulations to allow beens to do business with marijuana sellers in states where pot is legal. pot sellers are turned away because banks can face federal racketeering charges for processing their money. the attorney general hold are says law enforcement would prefer that the businesses deposit the money rather than having huge amounts of cash laying around. the issue has taken on urgency now that pot is legal in colorado and washington. >> the highest ranking republican woman in congress is preparing to give the party's response to president obama's state of the union address on tuesday. the congresswoman rogers was selected by g.o.p. leaders to do the honors, in her fifth term and chairs the house republican conference, a mother with a new bennett, and two other children and often speaks out on issues
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affecting families. president obama is expected to highlight the growing economic inequality in his state of the union. well broadcast the speech and the republican response next tuesday at 6:00 p.m. >> the first lady is getting a new ally to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables with subway chain urging people to eat healthy. she and michael phelps were on hand, the kids menu will include only items that meet federalled ises for school lunch. >> someone hear as voice in the car, back seed, i'm hungry, that was the big part, where i could go where i would be certain what the kids order is decent and healthy. that is why these new initiatives are so important. >> the menu includes apples,
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water or low-fat or nonfat plain milk. >> the president could be in trouble because while the first lady spent the day push healthy foods, the president can the opposite, celebrating national pie day. the white house tweeted this picture showing the commander in chief enjoying a slice of pie with a young constituent. maybe it is apple pie. >> thinking the same thing, probably fruit in that pie. >> three hours and counting until start of the maverick big surf competition. we have the preparations, the surfers and the excitement. >> breaking news in the east bay firefighters respond to a neighborhood overnight and what they covered after fighting huge flames. >> the unbelieve am
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and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. thank you for joining us on this tgif news. >> and the mavericks kickoff the. >> mavericks and a fire threat. that is what we will start with. nothing changed overnight but we added more areas yesterday afternoon with the east bay hills and santa cruz mountains and the north bay mountains above a through feet is under the high fire threat until 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. right now we are getting higher su


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